24 Hour Heart Monitoring

Ensuring Your Heart's Health with Allen Medical Associates

A girl monitoring her heart using a Holter Monitor

If you are experiencing symptoms such as heart palpitations, dizziness, or shortness of breath, or are at risk for heart disease or have a history of heart problems. Allen Medical Associates is here to help. We offer 24-hour Heart monitoring services in a comfortable and convenient setting. Our trained professionals will guide you through the non-invasive procedure and ensure accurate results. This procedure provides valuable insight into your Heart's electrical activity for a full day. Visit us at our location in Smithtown, NY.

24-hour Heart Monitoring, also known as ambulatory or Holter monitoring, is a non-invasive diagnostic procedure that involves wearing a small device, typically attached to your chest with electrodes, to continuously record your Heart's electrical activity for an entire day. This allows healthcare professionals to gain valuable insights into your Heart's performance and detect any irregularities or abnormalities that may not be captured during a brief doctor visit. By monitoring your Heart's activity during your daily activities, this procedure provides a comprehensive and in-depth assessment of your Heart's health, offering a more accurate picture of its functioning and enabling timely intervention if necessary.

As you go about your daily activities, the device discreetly captures and records the electrical activity of your Heart. This data is stored for future analysis. Later on, our dedicated healthcare professionals meticulously examine the recorded data to identify any potential abnormalities or irregularities in your heart rhythm. This comprehensive analysis can uncover irregular heart rhythms that may not be captured in a short ECG recording, providing valuable information for accurate diagnosis and effective treatment. By continuously monitoring your Heart's electrical activity, this innovative technology ensures that even subtle variations in your Heart's rhythm are detected and assessed, leading to a more comprehensive understanding of your cardiovascular health.

Be aware of potential warning signs or risk factors for heart disease. Prevention is key to maintaining a healthy heart! Stay informed and proactive about your heart health with Allen Medical Associates located in Smithtown.